Being alone comes to an end today. It was definitely a really nice experience to be completely on my one with no one who tells me what to do.

Tonight Noah and Florian will arrive in Auckland and we will meet in a hostel called Nomads. It shall have a spa and sauna area, hopefully that`s true. It will be interesting to see how they will get along.

The last week was not to exciting, i went to Mt Eden twice. That`s an old inactive Vulcan near the city center. It is 196 meters high and it takes about 40 minutes to climb it.

Nearly every city has it`s own botanical garden, some of them are really nice to look at. The Auckland Art Gallery was not to special, I thing it`s not worth to go there.

And of cause I met many new people.

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Because an exidential wrong booking I had a complete 8 bed dorm for myself for one night.

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