Beachhouse at Peka Peka

The last days at Rays and Sandys beach house were really awesome. The stay was really lovely, we had some rental bikes to drive to cafes with or to the beach nearby. The best thing about the bikes was the small river nearby the beach, where we were driving through. While doing so my bike got stuck in quick sand, as you can see on one of the photos.

Of cause Carlo and I had to go swimming in the ocean, so we did. And I made some pizza for my first time, it was really delicious, but Sandys cooking skills are heaps better for sure…

I am really missing the stunning beach now. I drove back to Auckland (biggest city in New Zealand) on saturday.

Greetings to everybody back in Germany!

IMG_20151030_164843330 IMG_20151030_164822656 IMG_20151030_164820601 IMG_20151030_164818412 IMG_20151030_164816273 IMG_20151030_164814109 IMG_20151030_164812036 IMG_20151030_164809975 IMG_20151030_164807807 IMG_20151030_164805460

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