Helicopter flight to Franz Josef Glacier

In Franz Josef I wanted to do a Heli Hike, but because of the bad weather that got cancelled. In the afternoon I tried it again and got lucky. I could at least go on a normal helicopter flight.

Flying with a helicopter has been my dream for a long time.

We were in the air for about 10 minutes before we landed on the snow. It was unbelievably bright up there, unfortunately I forgot my sunglasses.

Franz Josef Glacier is a special glacier. It comes very close to the rainforest. There are only two other glaciers in the world which are so close to a rain forest. That was very wierd, the climate changed really fast.

I never saw so much snow and ice before, the surroundings looked very unreal. It felt like beeing on a different planet.

I hope to see bigger glaciers very soon, it must be awesome to travel to the Antarktik or Island.

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    Februar 28, 2016

    Und wieder: :-))

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    Februar 28, 2016

    Und wieder :

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