Journey to Cape Reinga

After a few days in Auckland we decided to buy camping gear and take the bus up north. Is was definetly a good decision, Paihia is really beautiful. I went swimming in the pacific ocean for the first time in my life.

We hiked to a waterfall nearby and stayed on a campsite 5 minutes from the sea.

One day later we startet to tramp up to the northernmost area of New Zealand, Cape Reinga.

On our way there we were very lucky to get many lifts.

One night we camped in the wild, another one we had the opportunity to stay in a small flat, because we asked the owners if we could camp on their property.

They offered us dinner, showers and a warm bed.

Their property is absolutely amasing, with a small swimming lake and palm trees.

First we thought it would be very hard to hitchhike with three people, but actually it is much easier than expected. Once we even got a lift on the back of a pickup.

Unfortunetly we had not too much luck with the weather at Cape Reinga, it was so foggy that we couldn`t see the sea at all. And thats the special thing about Cape Reinga, normally you can see the Tasmanian Sea and the Pacific Ocean merging.

On our way back to Paihia we got picked up by a german couple in a caravan, with them we drove to the Waipoua Forest, there you can see the biggest living kauri tree.

The stam is absolutely massive.

They gave us a lift for about 300 km, our largest one until now.

Once arrived in the city Whangarei we got picked up by a native maori, who offered us to stay on his farm. We stayed there for 3 nights, he provided us awesome food and bathroom facilities. And everything for free, it`s absolutely amazing how friendly the New Zealand citizen are.

On his farm we allowed to ride his horse and relax a bit.

Our tramping trip ende in Paihia, from where we took a bus to Rotorua (a city with heaps of thermal activity around).

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