Milford Sound and Te Anau

I was very glad to leave Invercargill on the 15th. I set off to Te Anau by bus (how surprising). Arriving there I was overhelmed by the beautiful landscape. Te Anau is located next to New Zealands second largest lake and mountains going straight down into it.

Unfortunately and fortunately at the same time, it was raining nearly all the time I stayed there. That made the scenery look very unreal, with mountains halfly covered in mist.

In Te Anau I met Jake and his travelmate Yannik (he’s from Germany too). I first met Jake in Invercargill, he is from London and we plan to see us there again. (visit his blog)

On the next day I went on a really great tour to and through Milford Sound. The tour started in Te Anau and took about 10 hours, I originally booked a shorted tour, but I got lucky and got an upgrade to the longer tour. In the bus I sat in the front passenger seat (I really got great views from there).

Milford sound is a 15km long fiord and is a world heritage place. When we arrived there we went onto a cruise boat. It was literally raining the whle tour without a single minute of sunshine. When I arrived back home all my clothes were soaking wet.

The boat cruise was absolutely stunning. Because of the haivy rain, there were waterfall everywhere (like completely all over the place), the water was flowing down the mountains like blood through veins.

It is hard to imagine how the scenery looks like without having ever been there. The mountains are up to 2700m high and go very steep down into the water.

That day I saw some keas(mountain parrot), seals and a group of dolphins swimming along our boat.

And again I experienced a new and awesome experience I will never forget.

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    Februar 23, 2016

    sieht ja alles nett aus, sind schon gespannt auf deine erzählungen- noch viel Spaß und liebe Grüße aus Düsseldorf Tatjana und family

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    Februar 25, 2016

    Grandios !!!

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