Paragliding in Wanaka

From Te Anau I continued to travel to Queenstown, a very busy city known for its parties. I planned to do paragliding there, but because of the bad weather it got cancelled. At least I could use the gondola to drive up the hill for free. (Pretty good view from up there.)

After two days I left again and drove to Wanaka, Wanaka is the less touristic Queenstown. Thats why I prefer Wanaka, it is a bit smaller and not so crowded.

In Wanaka I started my second attempt to do paragliding.

When the guides and us started to drive up the hill the road was closed because of rock slips. Was I not ment to do paragliding in New Zealand? We were just about to make our way back, when the resposnible guy from the city council arrived. He let us follow him up the hill and we got lucky in the end to finally reach our flight site.

The start was very much smoother than I excepted it to be, no free fall, no fear. My pilot/guide explained everything to me. Two minutes later we were connected to our glider, he pulled it up into the air and we started to run towards a cliff. Five steps later we were flying.

It was absolutely awesome, I felt so free and light, after gliding through the air for about 10 minutes. We descended in a spiral, where the glider was horizontal and we were moving very fast.

A bit later we had to land again (why?!). I can definetely recommend paragliding to everybody, it is not scary at all, if you compare it with bungy jumping or sky diving it is even very relaxing.

Later that day I met Michael (our neighbour in Masterton) and we ate lunch together. He moved to Wanaka about a week ago.

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