Rotorua, Tauranga, Coromandel

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In Rotorua we stayed for 4 nights, it really was like coming back home, because I met so many people from my last stay there.
We visited the redwoods and a gysir park.


After that we went to Tauranga, on our way we got picked up by a truck and by a guy called Simon in his car.
In Tauranga we stayed on a really nice campground near Mount Maunganui, after 1 day Florian bought himself a car and we decided to drive to Coromandel.
On our last day there we went up the mount and went to the cinema to see James Bond.


It was really nice to be driving again after a few month, and of cause on the wrong side of the road…
Along lovely white beaches we drove up to Coromandel town and visited the „Hot Water Beach“ and the „Cathedral Cove“. Because of low tide we were able to go on a small island at one of the beaches.
After that we drove to Thames, nothing special to see there and back to Tauranga.

On our trip to Coromandel we slept in the car, that wasn`t to recommandable.

Yesterday we went to an water adventure park at a river, with water slides, a trampoline in the water, volleyball fields, and a water blob (

Florian left us yesterday to go on with his car, Noah and I are now looking for a job around Tauranga.

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