Stopover in Taipei

After a nine hours flight I arrived in Taipei at about 4:30 am. (Of cause that was way to early.) I already visited Taipei on my flight to New Zealand, but my second visit was completely different.

I met a girl from the Netherlands(Yasmin) at the airport and we decided to explore Taipei together. After the 50 minutes bus drive to the city we took the subway to the 101 (Taipei World Financial Center) which is one of the largest skyscrapers of the world.

We also visited a temple and ate some sushi, at the afternoon we checked in to my very modern hotel like hostel.

Every time you buy some food in a restaurant you get a bill with a number on it. With this number you can win money if it matches the numbers in the newspaper. – That’s a very sneaky way of the government to make their citizen read the newspaper.

Yasmin flew back to the Netherlands on that day, I stayed for one night and continued to explore more of Taipei. I visited some more temples, fed some squirrels and made my way to the airport a bit earlier than expected, because it started to rain.

I had to wait some more hours till my flight would depart to Frankfurt at about 11:30 pm.


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