Along the eastcoast

I left Kaikoura after 3 days and took the bus to Christchurch. Christchurch is a really boring city, because of the earthquake in 2011 many building were destoryed. The council is still rebuilding and there are constructions sites everywhere.

Thats why there is not much to do, anyhow I spent the day with Benita (she’s got a blog too: Into the future), we walked around the city and checked out the botanical garden.


After spending 5 hours in a nother bus I arrived in Dunedin. I think that’s the most beautiful city in New Zealand it has got a real town center and many old buildings.

I finally visited Starbucks again after such a long time and enjoyed a delicious coffee.

One evening I went on a penguin tour on the otago peninsula. There I saw the world’s smallest penguin (the blue penguin).

On the next day I went to the beach with some friends from the hostel (Felix, Ben, Augustine and Pauline), the sea was ways to rough to swim in it. After that I visited the steepest street of the world with Pauline.


After Dunedin I visited the southernmost city of New Zealand, Invercargill. I expected a bit more to be there, but there was just nothing to do. So I pretty much spend my day with updating this blog and installing a new theme.

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